Vision, Mission And Values

Following consultation with its tenants, staff and Management Committee Members, we have reviewed our Vision Statement:




“To be one of the leading Housing Associations and social enterprises offering choice and opportunities for our customers to meet their aspirations of living in better homes in better communities”.




Reflecting our Vision for the Organisation, Cunninghame Housing Association aims to pursue a strategy of:- “Making our communities better places - More than just a Landlord”




The Cunninghame Group of Companies respect the following values:-


Fairness “We will be fair and consistent with our people, customers and business partners by being open, honest and accountable at all times.”


Involvement “We will involve our stakeholders by promoting clear communication, participation and engagement in order to improve our effectiveness and efficiency and grow our business.”


Innovation “We will learn from our experiences and embrace change for the better.  We will develop new ideas and take measured risks to exceed customers’ expectations and serve their needs.”


Quality “We will provide a quality service to all our people to ensure added value and satisfaction.”


Investment “We will invest in our people, product and places, to create environments that are positive, motivating, challenging and rewarding.”


Customer Focus “We will focus on the needs of our customers and deliver a customer driven service.”

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