Tenant Services

Cunninghame Housing Association provides more than 2,200 homes for rent throughout North and East Ayrshire.  



If you are looking for accommodation in  North Ayrshire, we will deal with your application using the North Ayrshire Housing Register. This is a joint venture with North Ayrshire Council, Irvine Housing Association and Ayrshire North Community Housing Organisation where all allocations are made using a shared allocation policy.  In East Ayrshire the register is known as SEARCH and operates in the same way and includes Cunninghame Housing Association East Ayrshire Council Irvine Housing Association, Shire and Atrium. We will consider your present housing circumstances when points are awarded, for example, if there is overcrowding or medical factors.


The North Ayrshire Housing Register (NAHR) application form can be completed on line by following the link below:


NAHR Application Form


You can also find a guide to completing your application here:


NAHR Guide 


and a summary of the NAHR policy here:


NAHR Policy


If you prefer you can download a copy of the form complete it and hand it in to any of our offices.


The East Ayrshire Application can be downloaded and again completed and handed in to us. The form found here:


East Ayrshire Application



Accessible housing


We provide a range of housing for varying needs including amenity houses and adapted properties for wheelchairs and those with mobility problems. If you feel you need this type of accommodation, you should apply using the transfer system outlined above. We may ask for community-care assessments from social services but will involve you in this process and get your permission.


Mutual exchanges


A mutual exchange is when two or more tenants want to exchange (swap) their properties. You may exchange with another of our tenants, a tenant of another housing association or a tenant of a local authority. You can apply for a mutual exchange if you find a suitable partner to exchange with. We will process your application within 28 days and you will be kept updated on how the application is progressing throughout the process. Any exchange must meet the requirements of our allocation policy, or the North Ayrshire Housing Register and any landlord’s policy.  If the mutual exchange is agreed, we will set a date of entry and you will sign your tenancy agreement with the appropriate landlord and arrange to move with the other person.  Checks must be carried out on your property and you cannot exchange until you have our permission. We do not become involved in exchanging keys and you agree to accept the property in the condition at the time you make the exchange. A mutual exchange will end your current tenancy and you will start a new tenancy in the property you move to. As a result, this may affect your ‘right to buy’.


If you have found someone to exchange with use the application form below (one for each of you)


CHA Mutual Exchange Application


Mutual Exchange Application Form North Ayshire



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