On Site Developments



Vineburgh Phase 4, Irvine


Works commenced on site in January 2014 with the demolition of the existing houses.  The contract period of 56 weeks will result in a completion date of March 2015. 


This final phase of the works will provide another 48 houses for rent comprising a mixture of general needs, wheelchair and amenity accommodation. 


When this final phase is complete, we will have built a total of 256 new homes for rent and 31 for sale within Vineburgh.


Vineburgh Phase 4 Site Layout


Jetty Road, Fairlie


This former hotel site was acquired in December 2013 and work commenced on site in February 2014.  Works will last for 36 weeks resulting in a completion date of November 2014. 


A total of 13 one bed flats for rent will be provided on the site. 


 Jetty Road CD103 Proposed Site Plan












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