Newly Completed Developments


Canal View, Saltcoats       


This new build project commenced on site in November 2010 and overall completion was achieved in February 2012.


A total of 40 new houses were developed comprising a mixture of houses and flats and providing accommodation to meet a range of client groups including those with particular mobility needs.


The new development has proved popular due to its excellent location close to Saltcoats town centre and close to a number of local amenities.


Vineburgh Phase 1, Irvine


The Association was appointed lead developer by North Ayrshire Council for the flagship regeneration project at Vineburgh, Irvine.


The first phase of the regeneration commenced on site in March 2009 and completed in November 2010.


A total of 82 new houses were constructed, of which 75 were for rent and 7 for sale on a Shared Equity basis.


The Shared Equity houses proved popular and we successfully sold all of the properties.


The majority of the houses for rent were allocated to existing Vineburgh tenants who had been displaced during the works and had expressed a desire to remain living in the Vineburgh area.


This important regeneration project has created a number of training and employment opportunities with 10 trade apprenticeships commencing work at Phase 1.


The first phase proved a great success and works were completed on programme and within budget.


Vineburgh Phase 1 video - "18 Months in 50 Seconds"



Vineburgh Phase 2, Irvine  


This second phase of the Vineburgh regeneration project commenced on site in January 2011 and completed in September 2012 providing a total of 94 new houses, 80 being for rent and 14 for sale on a Shared Equity basis.


A number of the houses were designed specifically for returning tenants who required houses designed for amenity and wheelchair needs.



Vineburgh Phase 3, Irvine


Work commenced on site in August 2012 and completed in September 2013.


This third phase has provided another 63 new homes, 53 for rent and 10 for sale on a Shared Equity basis. 


Within this phase, we were able to accommodate the last of the Vineburgh returning tenants with a mixture of general needs, wheelchair and amenity housing. 


Completion of this third phase is another significant step forward in achieving the overall regeneration of the Vineburgh estate.  


Please enjoy a 'Virtual Tour' of our Vineburgh New Build Development:


Vineburgh, Irvine - Virtual Tour


We are in the process of selling our Shared Equity houses at present and there are a few still remaining. If you are interested in finding out more, please click on Shared Equity Link for more details.


New Supply Shared Equity



Flatt Road, Largs


Largs is an area of high demand for affordable rented accommodation and we were therefore delighted to have secured this new build opportunity.


Works commenced on site on 19th June 2012 and completed on 7th August 2013.


We were able to provide a total of 26 two bedroom flats for rent within this development. 




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