£1 Share Membership

Thank you for your interest in Share Membership of Cunninghame Housing Association Ltd.  This section of the website provides you with information on how to become a £1 Share Member of the Association.




Membership Eligibility/Criteria


  • Any tenant of the Association, aged 16 or over.
  • Any other permanent resident in North Ayrshire or East Ayrshire, aged 18 or over.
  • No member can hold more than one share in the Association.
  • Shares cannot be held jointly.
  • There is no interest, dividend or bonus payable on shares.
  • Under certain criteria £1 shares can be transferred.


Categories of Share Membership The following categories of share membership are operated by the Association:-


  • Individual membership for all tenants of the Association.
  • Individual membership for any other individual within North and East Ayrshire. Tenants’ Association
  • Membership for a Registered Tenants’ Organisations (RTOs) who meets the Housing Association qualifying criteria.
  • Body Corporate Membership to North Ayrshire Council and East Ayrshire Council


£1 share membership of the Association will entitle you:-


  • To stand for election to the Management Committee which is the Association’s governing body.
  • To receive Share membership newsletters at least twice per year.
  • To receive a copy of the Association’s Annual Accounts and Annual Report and our Community Regeneration Unit’s Annual Report.
  • To receive a copy of the Annual Report of our subsidiary company, Cunninghame Enterprises.
  • An invitation to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting of the Association.


How to Apply for Share Membership:


Our Procedure To apply for membership, applicants must submit an application form and £1 to the Association’s Secretary at our registered office at 82-84 Glasgow Street, Ardrossan.


The applicant will complete the membership application form providing his/her name, address, gender, ethnic origin, age group and type of employment (if applicable) and interests together with a statement as to why they wish to become a Member.  The personal information will be used for ascertaining the level and types of skill that is within the Share Membership, confirming residency and will be used for monitoring purposes only.


Our Board of Management will, upon receipt of the fully completed application form, consider the application at their first available meeting.  In this respect it is important that the applicant fully completes the form. We will also acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 working days upon receipt of same.


The Association’s Chief Executive Office is responsible for the administration of all share membership applications, and following confirmation of residency details, will submit the application to the management committee.  Thereafter, the following will apply:-


The minutes of the meeting will record the Board’s approval/disapproval of the application. If approved, within 7 working days of the meeting the share application will be recorded in the Association’s Membership Register. A £1 Share Certificate will be issued in the name of the new member. The certificate will be sent to the member, as part of our new Share Member Welcome & Information Pack 

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